Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stater Brothers is the place to be!

Ok...sodas are off sale now but we still have plenty of bargains! Today thru Tuesday; Rice a Roni or Pasta Roni $.79, Minute Maid or Florida's Natural orange juice $1.99, Filet Mignon steak $7.99 lb. If you have their flyer you may have noticed I didn't suggest the lobster tails because you should not spend more than $1.25 per ounce of lobster. But I will $1.60 an ounce and since they are known for their freshness and selection of meats, poultry and can splurge for Valentine's Day. And if you don't know how to cook it...or anything for that matter...go to

OH! OH! OH! I totally is not advertised...BUT... Budget Gourmets are $.69 at Stater Brothers too! Go Crazy!

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  1. I can still get a Pepsi product 24 pack at Vons for $4.99 thru Tuesday.