Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great sale at Toys R Us on Fisher Price infant toys...ends Saturday!

This really is a great buy! Please read the small print on the fact that it is only infant toys and you must buy one toy over $25 and the free one must be under $24.99.

There is not a huge price difference whether you buy at Target, Amazon or Toys R Us. Just a dollar or so difference for smaller toys like this, so you really want to take advantage of a Two for One sale. The price difference does often happen on bigger ticket Fisher Price items like one of the greatest toys ever made. How do I know? My nephews played with this for YEARS!!!!!



And Toys R Us often has EXCLUSIVE Fisher Price toys that get marked up by independent toy stores online for Amazon and are not available at Target.

Always be sure to sign up the kids for Geoffrey's Birthday Club
And for baby's first birthday...
and sign yourself up for the Rewards R Us club.

Stay tuned...IT'S TUESDAY! Sunday's coupons were a little skimpy (but always hold onto them so you can cut out what you might need for another week) so it's all about the grocery store flyers coming today!

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