Friday, April 8, 2011

Mrs. Schnooks Money Saving Tips: Facebook coupons, Target coupons and Groupon/Livin...

Mrs. Schnooks Money Saving Tips: Facebook coupons, Target coupons and Groupon/Livin...: "Hi Everyone and sorry I haven't blogged lately. Been doing some spring cleaning around the house and honestly...except for last weeks awesom..."

Facebook coupons, Target coupons and Groupon/Living Social Deals

Hi Everyone and sorry I haven't blogged lately. Been doing some spring cleaning around the house and honestly...except for last weeks awesome Stater's Brothers sale...not much out there in the way of awesome blog worthy sales/coupons.

I want to give a shout out to Bailey and Andrea for reminding me about the Extreme Couponing show and websites. Bailey turned me onto this one...

and I've already signed up for some FREE samples off there!
If you didn't see it on FB here's what she sent me...

Also, some brands to "LIKE" on FB that will get you awesome coupons...
Triscuit, Breyers Ice Cream, K-Y lubricant just to name a few. I suggest setting up a separate FB page just for coupons. I did and it works perfectly and then just look up your favorite brands.
Few great sales this week...Stater's has two for one on Jenny-O ground turkey
Ralph's has Oceanspray juices $1.99
Albertson's boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77 lb

Some good things to know...Target has a coupon site.

and since these are TARGET coupons you can also use manufacturers coupons WITH these! AWESOMENESS!

I also cannot say enough about and !!!! Great deals on restaurants and entertainment. Just today I bought Schnooks and I passes to the Laguna Beach Art Museum for $6 instead of $12 a piece on Living Social! LOVE IT! It's so easy. Just sign up and when they have something you want, click away!

Also...if you are going to join a restaurant E-club. I praise Ricardo's/Don Joe's. We just got ANOTHER coupon for buy one get one free lunch or dinner. That's three so far this year they have sent us and their fish tacos are the bomb diggity!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Top coupons for this week and birthday clubs!

So lots of Betty Crocker, General Mills, Pillsbury and Kelloggs products on sale lately. Make sure you are a member on their websites to get coupons that you can print at home. It's totally safe and great for recipe ideas as well!

And with Schnooks birthday just around the corner...THE best birthday meal deals are El Torito, Don Jose's, Red Robin, Black Angus, Acapulco, Mimi's Cafe and Baskin Robbins. All restaurants will give you a FREE meal with your birthday coupon. My personal favorite is El Torito because there is no limit on the price you can order as your free meal. Acapulco does the same. Mimi's gives you a free breakfast. Yum! Black Angus will give you a free entree up to $19 with purchase of another entree, Red Robin a free burger, and Don Jose's a free entree up to $12.99 with purchase of another. Of course Baskin Robbins gives you a free cone. Also a lot of these places give you a free meal just for signing up!

Best overall deal on food all year long?!?!?! Rainforest Cafe especially for those who have the Disneyland pass. It is so easy to hop on the monorail and get dropped off right there. Schnooks and I always go for the free appetizer and then split an entree and share an ice tea and we get out of there for under $20 tip included. And they send you $10 off coupons all year long which are often good for three months so if we want to use that then we order whatever we want and it's almost the same price! Going Tuesday for my Honey's birthday so he can get some Pastalaya! Oh and we LOVE the priority seating! Only thing is...they don't offer the kids eat for $1.99 with purchase of adult entree at the Dowtown Disney location. They DO offer it on Wednesdays at the South Coast Plaza location from 5pm to close though!

Have a great money saving day!

Friday, February 25, 2011

WEEKLY SALES, ONLINE COUPONS AND CASH BACK I wasn't too impressed with the coupons in this Sunday's paper or the flyers that came out Tuesday.
The few sales I can suggest start today at Vons. Normally these sales are only on Friday but this week they extended it! $5 Friday thru Monday sale...

Foster Farms Breaded chicken selections or Captain Jacks fish and chips in the frozen section
Digiorno and California Pizza Kitchen pizza. Sunday's paper had a coupon for $1 off CPK!
8 piece Signature Cafe fried or all natural chicken in the deli section
6 pk Shock Top beer
Safeway Select Artisan chocolate chewie bistro cake 1/8 sheet in the bakery section

RALPH'S seems to be having the best sales this week thru Tuesday
$.59 whole chicken
$.88 red seedless grapes
$4.99 24 pk of Pepsi/diet Pepsi or you can Starbucks products as well! Must buy two but can mix and match.
They still have buy ten get $.30 off per item deal which includes great prices on Ego's, Gatorade, Hot Pockets, Pillsbury Grands, Capri Sun and Banquet sausages.
Another good buy with them is the free gallon of milk with the purchase of four Kellogg's cereal, fruit snacks or "granola bars" such as  Fiber four for $10 and you get a free gallon of milk. Now the key with that is to bring coupons as Ralph's doubles up to $1.

$4.99 for 24 pk Pepsi products must buy two
$1.50 lb Strawberries
They are also offering the same sale as Ralph's on the Kellogg's products and free gallon milk

This next sale is Sunday - Tuesday and you must buy four products
$.99 Betty Crocker fruit snacks
$1.49 Nature Valley or Fiber One granola bars
$.75 2 ltr Pepsi products

Here is where I go for online printable coupons. They will only let you print out two coupons on each product so make sure your printer is ready!   I think there is a Grands coupon here and maybe some fruit snacks as well  there is a coupon for Fiber One Bars here

For me, when something is on sale at Ralph's for the same price at another store I tend to buy it at Ralph's. They give me points with their rewards program that will get me coupons and cash back. So I will be buying my Pepsi's there. Another way to get cash back is use a credit card that gives you double points for grocery store purchases...BUT you must pay it off EVERY month or it's not worth it.

SADLY that's it for the deals this week.

Stay tuned as I review the prices for cell phones at Costco vs. service providers!!!

Have a great money saving day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Don't forget about Skinny Cow ice cream on sale at Stater Brother's!
I am up early to go get some...I have been to their three day sales before and by Monday they are all gone.

Did AMAZING at Vons yesterday! Hope you did too! I saved over 53% off my total bill and the shrimp we had last night was delicious. Loved the chicken too. I had no idea they were individually wrapped so that I can just pull one out for myself for lunch or a simple dish that needs a smaller amount of chicken. Very convenient. Both shrimp and chicken were normally priced over $12 each. Love the Friday $5 sale!

Stay tuned for the Sunday paper coupon tips coming tomorrow.

Have a great money saving day!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Good morning! Here is why I visit Vons on Friday...$5 Friday specials!

6 pack of Dos Equis beer
Primo Taglio pan roasted turkey, black forest ham, provolone or havarti their deli section
(last time I was there the nice lady at the deli counter told me about other amazing specials they had too!)
Foster Farms boneless skinless chicken breasts 2.5lbs FROZEN (so don't look in the meat section)...I will be getting this!
Seapak butterfly shrimp 20 oz. pkg. frozen section again
Artisan Cherry Boston Cream their bakery section...YUM!

The key with Vons is they have great coupons in their flyers like Powerade for $.60 and 16 oz butter for $2.49 but you have to buy $10 worth of groceries and their stuff is way overpriced a lot of the time. They charge $8.19 for a 12 oz. Tabasco sauce while Stater's charges $6.99. However, I just bought a bunch at Costco for $4.67!!! It pays to walk the aisles at stores sometimes, especially Costco, because they are always getting new items.

Now they also have a four day sale starting today thru Monday.
$2.99 8" apple pie
$4.99 5lb. box California Clementine tangerines
$1.88 Lay's or Lay's Kettle potato chips
$12.88 20 pack Coors, Bud, Miller or Tecate Beer

Deals thru next Tuesday
Buy 1 get 1 free Eating Right salad blends
Buy 2 get 2 free on Coke products PLUS get 2 free boxes of Nabisco crackers (like Wheat Thins or Triscuits)
Buy 1 get 1 free Nabisco Chips Ahoy or Newtons cookies
$.88 red seedless grapes

Here is the link to their flyer so you can see their coupons as well and decide if you will be purchasing anything that adds up to $10! Just click on the pages to turn.

Have a great money saving day!!!!