Friday, April 8, 2011

Facebook coupons, Target coupons and Groupon/Living Social Deals

Hi Everyone and sorry I haven't blogged lately. Been doing some spring cleaning around the house and honestly...except for last weeks awesome Stater's Brothers sale...not much out there in the way of awesome blog worthy sales/coupons.

I want to give a shout out to Bailey and Andrea for reminding me about the Extreme Couponing show and websites. Bailey turned me onto this one...

and I've already signed up for some FREE samples off there!
If you didn't see it on FB here's what she sent me...

Also, some brands to "LIKE" on FB that will get you awesome coupons...
Triscuit, Breyers Ice Cream, K-Y lubricant just to name a few. I suggest setting up a separate FB page just for coupons. I did and it works perfectly and then just look up your favorite brands.
Few great sales this week...Stater's has two for one on Jenny-O ground turkey
Ralph's has Oceanspray juices $1.99
Albertson's boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77 lb

Some good things to know...Target has a coupon site.

and since these are TARGET coupons you can also use manufacturers coupons WITH these! AWESOMENESS!

I also cannot say enough about and !!!! Great deals on restaurants and entertainment. Just today I bought Schnooks and I passes to the Laguna Beach Art Museum for $6 instead of $12 a piece on Living Social! LOVE IT! It's so easy. Just sign up and when they have something you want, click away!

Also...if you are going to join a restaurant E-club. I praise Ricardo's/Don Joe's. We just got ANOTHER coupon for buy one get one free lunch or dinner. That's three so far this year they have sent us and their fish tacos are the bomb diggity!

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