Friday, March 4, 2011

Top coupons for this week and birthday clubs!

So lots of Betty Crocker, General Mills, Pillsbury and Kelloggs products on sale lately. Make sure you are a member on their websites to get coupons that you can print at home. It's totally safe and great for recipe ideas as well!

And with Schnooks birthday just around the corner...THE best birthday meal deals are El Torito, Don Jose's, Red Robin, Black Angus, Acapulco, Mimi's Cafe and Baskin Robbins. All restaurants will give you a FREE meal with your birthday coupon. My personal favorite is El Torito because there is no limit on the price you can order as your free meal. Acapulco does the same. Mimi's gives you a free breakfast. Yum! Black Angus will give you a free entree up to $19 with purchase of another entree, Red Robin a free burger, and Don Jose's a free entree up to $12.99 with purchase of another. Of course Baskin Robbins gives you a free cone. Also a lot of these places give you a free meal just for signing up!

Best overall deal on food all year long?!?!?! Rainforest Cafe especially for those who have the Disneyland pass. It is so easy to hop on the monorail and get dropped off right there. Schnooks and I always go for the free appetizer and then split an entree and share an ice tea and we get out of there for under $20 tip included. And they send you $10 off coupons all year long which are often good for three months so if we want to use that then we order whatever we want and it's almost the same price! Going Tuesday for my Honey's birthday so he can get some Pastalaya! Oh and we LOVE the priority seating! Only thing is...they don't offer the kids eat for $1.99 with purchase of adult entree at the Dowtown Disney location. They DO offer it on Wednesdays at the South Coast Plaza location from 5pm to close though!

Have a great money saving day!

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